January 8-12, 2020Hamilton Convention Centre

Canadian Paediatric Review

Join us for the 17th Annual Canadian Paediatric Review Program. This is a national review course primarily designed for all senior paediatric trainees who are completing their training. The course is also open to junior paediatric trainees, paediatric consultants in clinical practice and other health care professionals. This review course is intended as a knowledge consolidation and assessment exercise.

The content of this program is based upon the specific needs of graduating residents and clinicians in practice. The format of this program will include interactive presentations with an opportunity for immediate feedback through touch pad media. Multiple choice Q&A's are incorporated into each presentation. Faculty has been chosen from educational institutions across the country.

**NEW** HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN OSCE STATION (Only available to IMGs registered to attend the Canadian Paediatric Review Program)

This half day session will prepare International Medical Graduates, who are not enrolled in a Canadian training program with the knowledge and practicum needed to work through an OSCE station. Carefully designed with practical tips, real life examples and exercises to prepare the graduate for various stations they may encounter, graduates will gain confidence as they develop strategies and skills needed for the OSCE exam. At the end of the session, graduates will be able to describe the OSCE format; identify the roles of the individuals involved with OSCE stations; distinguish between the various OSCE stations and explain what each station is designed to review; describe the importance of communication skills and develop a plan to help prepare for examination day including how to dress and what to bring. This session will take place on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm at the Hamilton Convention Centre.


Hamilton Convention Centre
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January 8-12, 2020


IMG Session
January 7, 2020

Review Program
January 8-12, 2020

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November 15, 2019

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Program Chairs

Dr. Anne Niec
Professor, Department of Paediatrics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, nieca@mcmaster.ca

Dr. Bosco Paes
Professor Emeritus, Department of Paediatrics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, paes@mcmaster.ca