January 10-14, 2022 Interactive Live Virtual Program

Program Topics and Speakers

# Topic Speaker
1 Adolescent Medicine Dr. Megan Cooney
2 Allergy Dr. Rae Brager
3 Cardiology Dr. Kenny Wong
4 Child Abuse Dr. Kathleen Nolan
5 Critical Appraisal Dr. Eyal Cohen
6 Critical Care - Injuries Dr. Ronish Gupta
7 Dermatology Dr. Javed Mohammed
8 Developmental/Behavioural Paediatrics Dr. Lyn Sonnenberg
9 Emergency Medicine - Poisonings + Burns/Near Drowning Dr. Naveen Poonai
10 Endocrinology Dr. Karen McAssey
11 Gastrointestinal Disorders and Hepatology Dr. Nikhil Pai
12 General Paediatrics Dr. Tara Baron
13 Genetics/Dysmorphology Dr. Peter Kannu
14 Haematology and Oncology Dr. Vicky Breakey
15 Immunology Dr. Vy Kim
16 Infectious Diseases Dr. Ari Bitnun
17 Infectious Diseases - Vaccines Dr. Jeffrey Pernica
18 Mental Health Dr. Daniel Gorman
19 Metabolics Dr. Shailly Jain
20 Neonatology Dr. Connie Williams
21 Nephrology Dr. Cherry Mammen
22 Neurology Dr. Hugh McMillan
23 Ophthalmology Dr. Michael O'Connor
24 Orthopedics Dr. Debra Bartley
25 Otolaryngology Dr. Sharon Cushing
26 Paediatric Surgery Dr. Hussein Wissanji
27 Respirology Dr. David Zielinski
28 Rheumatology Dr. Johannes Roth
29 Introduction to Virtual OSCE Stations and MCQ Dr. Jean-Francois Lemay
30 Urology Dr. Karen Psooy