January 11-15, 2021 Interactive Live Virtual Program

Virtual Program

The Canadian Paediatric Review Program takes place in the eastern standard time (EST) zone
and will begin at 11:45 am on Monday, January 11, 2021 and will conclude on Friday, January 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Experience the Canadian Paediatric Review Program

from the comfort and safety of your home

Hear from paediatric experts, participate in live sessions, connect with peers,
stop by exhibitor booths, and join on-demand wellness classes.

Don't miss this interactive program which will include 30+ topics and 29
speakers chosen from educational institutions across the country.

Our virtual program will include:

29 live-streamed video sessions

19 pre-recorded presentations

19 live interactive Q&A sessions

10 live presentations

access to pre-recorded presentations ahead of time (two weeks prior)

ability to submit questions to speakers ahead of time / view and vote on all questions submitted

live multiple choice questions to test knowledge with immediate feedback and help prepare for the RC exam

exhibitor hall to connect and interact with exhibitors

portal to connect and interact with peers

wellness sessions (yoga, pilates and HIIT)

access to all sessions until June 30, 2021

single sign on / secure ID and password

CPRP 2021 Virtual Program FAQ

Please see below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Virtual event.

  • What educational platform are you using to deliver content?
  • Do attendees have to download anything to access the virtual event-platform?
  • What is Pheedloop?
  • What is the format of the 2021 Canadian Paediatric Review Program?
  • How will the live Q&A work?
  • How long can I access presentations and handouts online?
  • How will attendees network virtually?
  • How long is each day?
  • Will the program be accredited?
  • Have registration fees been adjusted?
  • What devices can the program be viewed on?
  • Where can I find out more about Pheedloop?
All content for the 2021 Canadian Paediatric Review Program will be delivered using Pheedloop’s virtual conference platform.
The virtual event experience is built for the web and does not require additional software to be downloaded.
Pheedloop is a web-based virtual conference platform that is available 24/7. Attendees will sign into Pheedloop using a unique ID and login credentials to participate in live sessions, review handouts and pre-recorded presentations, submit questions in advance, connect with peers, stop by exhibitor booths, and join on-demand wellness classes.
The 2021 program format consists of a mix of live sessions and sessions that have been pre-recorded. Attendees will have access to presentations on-demand before the live event and are encouraged to submit questions in advance of scheduled 30-minute live Q&As for each topic. Sessions have been scheduled to accommodate all time zones. Wellness sessions have been included to allow attendees to stretch, refresh and refocus.
Attendees have the option to submit questions from December 21, 2020 to January 7, 2021 for all pre-recorded sessions. Given that participants will be viewing the presentations ahead of time, our new format will allow more face-to-face interaction with our speakers during a live 30-minute Q&A for their topic.
Attendees will be able to login to Pheedloop with their login credentials until June 30, 2021.
Casual conversations, hallway exchanges and shared dining experiences are one of the most appreciated, un-structured benefits of in-person events. We know we cannot replace those experiences and are confident we can provide a variety of virtual experiences that still allow for these interactions.
Each day will begin at approximately 11:00 am eastern standard time with the longest day ending at 6:00 pm, including a 30-minute break. We’ve kept the program lighter to allow for attendees joining us from various time zones and to ensure that the intake of content is manageable.
The Canadian Paediatric Review Program will be submitted for MOC Section 1 credits. Live virtual attendance is required to receive a certificate of attendance for MOC Section 1 credits. Sessions that are viewed before the live portion of the program can be claimed as MOC Section 2 credits.
Registration fees have been decreased over last year. We understand that expenses are less when it comes to a virtual conference instead of attending in-person. This is true both for the program and the attendee. While many costs can be reduced, there are costs to pulling together a conference with the quality CPRP attendees are used to — from the platform we will use to the management of all of the presenters and remotely supporting them, to the online storage of all the content being delivered, and the staff working hard behind the scenes to facilitate sessions and make it all happen. While expenses have been reduced, anticipated sponsorships have also been reduced which has factored into the pricing we are able to offer.
The Canadian Paediatric Review Program can be viewed on any PC, MAC or mobile device. We highly recommend that you perform an internet connection speed test before viewing the program. The following are the minimum required download speeds:

3.0 Mbps – recommended Internet speed for Standard Definition (480) streaming.
5.0 Mbps – recommended Internet speed for High Definition (1080) streaming.

Please confirm that the device you will be using to view the virtual program meets the minimum technical requirements. We will not be able to issue refunds due to technical issues experienced due to a poor internet connection or your equipment not meeting the technical requirements.

This short video clip entitled How to use Pheedloop as an Attendee provides an overview of the platform that will be used.